From an old tree,

Until our long trips, we all keep eternal memories from  the landscapes we’ve seen.

Due to the peaceful natural rhythm of Nature, every place on earth changes, according to the seasons. 

This cyclic process has a fantastic influence on landscapes. 

Every year at every season, the color, the ambience, the light, change, and will never be exactly the same. 


Through her Work,

She tries to capture these instants, these particular moments of a certain place at a certain time. 

Olga tries to materialize these instants into what she hopes remains a litlle bit more timeless. 


To do so,

She has been using the most ephemeral parts of Nature, 

as the leaves of the trees are, and the most eternal parts, like rocks. 

Trying to link her art pieces to these different scales of time.

Therefore, according to the journey she has done or the projects of her clients,

She builds an archive of this raw material,

keeping carefully this ephemeral memories in order to produce the Physical Memory of these places.


Olga Sanina,

was born in Lisbon, Portugal, and currently works in her Atelier in the South of France.


This website is the archive of her work, always in progress.


OLGA . Olga Sanina Artist, doing the Leaves Collection in Lagardelle, Le Suquet, L'Aubrac, Summer, France - Jardin Secret de Bras. PrivateGarden. France. Photo by Francois Brunner